18 Healthy Comfort Foods That You Can Eat Without Feeling Guilty

Over the last 2 decades, we’ve piled on a great deal of exceptionally great healthy comfort foods. We love sharing these top 20 best healthy comfort foods, as they’re currently family top choices in a wide range of homes over the world. These comfort foods are what home-cooking is all about. These foods have moved towards becoming the healthy choice throughout the world in the recent years.

#18 Chicken Potpie Tartines

Courtesy of: cookinglight.com

Chicken potpie tartines is one of the best healthy comfort foods for you. It has a blend of mushrooms, frozen peas, matchstick cut carrots and some chicken. Chicken potpie tartines is an easy to cook food, keeping up your health-consciousness. This would spare your times and save you from consuming unhealthy foods. You can give it the extra touch by serving it with some sauce according to your taste.

#17 White Bean and Vegetable Bowl with Frizzled Eggs

Courtesy of: craftlog.com

This simple bowl of brothy goodness is stacked with two veggies and umami juicy taste. It’s additionally incredible for times when you’re short on money, as it costs just about a few dollars for around 4 servings. This would be a great blend with the vegetables and eggs providing vitamins with proteins.

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