3 Reasons Beautiful Teeth are the Most Effective Anti-aging

And if having beautiful teeth was the most effective anti-aging?

At the age of 75, the American top and actress Lauren Hutton has lost none of her charm: a devastating smile, hemmed lips and teeth of happiness, which, alone, erase the marks of time. And if it was her, the example to follow? Rather than want to erase wrinkles, should not we invest in a nice smile? The idea catches on: 75% of women consider that having a beautiful teething, white teeth and well aligned, is as important as having a beautiful skin (According to an OpinionWay survey for Regenerate conducted in 2018). And it is not the dentist who will say otherwise, who has given himself a brand new smile.

« If the teeth convey positive messages of health, fulfillment, prosperity, on the other side, » bad teeth « lead to all kinds of negative interpretations, » analyzes the sociologist Howard Becker. But the teeth are not the only ones to participate in the brilliance of the smile, lips and contour are also to be treated when one gets older.

« The alteration of the smile with the years is explained by a loss of volume in the lips and the installation of a negative expression, especially from the drooping commissures, » observes Dr. Kourosh Maddahi. Be careful not to fall into excess. « The omnipresence of perfect faces in the media arouses the desire to comply with them, and my role as a dentist is to temper or even curb the patient’s quest for the perfect smile, » says Dr. Kourosh Maddahi. The charm is often in the slight imperfection, as the incisor, through Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, the sharp canines and the « twisted » teeth, the teeth of the happiness, the prominent canines .. All show a youthful smile that defies the years, without excessive whiteness or swollen lips, said the doctor.

In practice, what do we do? 3 Important things to do:

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