3 Tips to Earn Respect from Others

 » Respect me ! « … Whether on the street, with family, with friends, or at work, we all aspire to respect others. Many of us think that we cannot force others to respect us because this must be earned. But how to be respected in a society where the law of the strongest is always the one that has the upper hand?

Here are 3 tips with different scenarios in which we find ourselves without doubt, but that we do not always manage to fix.

1 – To be respected by own parents

We are not talking about children or teenagers, but adults who, despite their age or situation, are struggling to get the respect of their parents. We are not talking about inappropriate words or conducts, but about attitude. It is true that we will always be children in the eyes of our parents, but this does not explain that. For example, have your parents ever made a decision about your child without consulting you, such as cutting his hair or giving him candies when you have strictly forbidden him to do so.

This is a lack of respect !

This is a lack of respect because only parents have parental authority over their child. In making a decision that concerns the child without speaking to his parents, the grandparents place themselves in an all-powerful position and deliberately choose to ignore the authority of his child as a parent.

How to cure it ?

In such a situation, the other parent has to intervene. This third person will then restore order in this parent-child relationship that has been broken. And if the dialogue turns out to be difficult, why not write a letter in which the parent expresses what he/she feels while reminding the grandparents who has this parental authority. Of course, apologies are expected from grandparents, who must recognize the seriousness of the situation.

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