3 Tips to Earn Respect from Others

2  – To be respected in his relationship with his spouse

Lack of respect is also experienced on a daily basis alongside one’s wife/husband. To humor at the expense of the other, not to miss an opportunity to underline his/her clumsiness or laugh at his/her nonsense in front of all his/her friends, his/her family, even his/her colleagues, this can be considered as a way to devalue his/her half in the eyes of others. And when you dare to make a comment, it is always the famous « I DO NOT UNDERSTAND » that returns to the charge.

These kinds of things happen far more often than we think. Often, one of the two partners may use humor as a weapon for settling accounts. It is a kind of masked aggression that manifests itself in the form of jokes at the expense of the other. And when this occurs systematically in public, there is a talk of a real lack of respect and a lack of solidarity within the couple, even a certain sadism. We take pleasure in hurting each other by hiding behind a joke while the other cannot say/do anything.

What to do to get out of this?

Here, no question of turning around the bush. Make it clear to your partner that it bothers you and clearly ask him/her to stop because it becomes less and less bearable. Do not forget to add that if these jokes do not stop right away, you will not participate in these meetings anymore. Indeed, the presence of the wife/husband suffering the jokes in public can be interpreted as an implicit approval. And that will not work out. The solution is to create a break and put the other face to itself. Ask him/her if he/she was a victim of such a situation during his childhood or if these jokes hide a possible frustration or resentment.

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