4 Important Things You Need to Know About Sport after Menopause

Madam, whether you are an active person thinking of stopping the sport because of menopause or, rather, you have a sedentary lifestyle, having never played sports, this is for you. After menopause, it is time, now or never, to take care of yourself and exercise. We’ll explain why and advise you on adapted sports through the following 4 points:

1 – Why do you need to practice sport during menopause

Menopause, we know, comes with its share of inconveniences; weight gain, depression and irritability, hot flashes … Faced with these symptoms, caused by hormonal imbalance, difficult to find the motivation to exercise. Some also believe that exercise becomes less effective after menopause. However, a group of US researchers conducted a study of 234 women (you can see the study here) and concluded that in menopause, sport can improve physical and mental health over the long term. Sport not only protected their cardiovascular system or helped them lose weight, they also naturally reduced hot flashes.

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