You are safe here. This is where you belong.  Rest assured that your body is protected. You can let go. Allow your mind and soul to travel and flow freely.

See. You are on a beach. You are standing on the shore and gently gazing out to the horizon. You don’t need to stare and strain your eyes. Simply let your gaze fall gently towards the horizon of the ocean. Be aware of its vastness and the distance spanned by the horizon.  Notice the enormity of the ocean right before you. Don’t feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid. Enjoy it and relax in it.

Slowly, dip into the waters and begin to float towards the horizon. Don’t chase it relentlessly. Simply allow yourself to lightly float towards it. There is no pressure to reach it. You are simply unhurriedly, gently and quietly moving towards the horizon.

Hear.  As you effortlessly float towards the horizon, you bring your awareness to the sound of water sloshing around you as you continue to float towards the horizon.  You then become aware of the sound of the waves gently crashing into the shore.  You can hear the bubbles fizzle as the waves break.  You can hear the waters receding back into the vastness of the ocean. You listen to waves once again lapping on the shore. It goes back and forth, and slowly, you find yourself falling into its unique rhythm.  It becomes your lullaby as the waves gently rock you to a peaceful slumber.

Feel. You were about to fall asleep when you suddenly find yourself washed ashore. You feel the wet sand on your face. You feel it’s grittiness on your palms as you push yourself up and turn your body over.  Finally, you are now lying on your back. You can still feel the wet and cold sand underneath you, but this time, you are also savoring the warmth of the sun as it gently shines down on you. You allow the sun to bathe you in its warmth. You feel your clothes slowly drying up.

As the sun continues to shine down on you, you decide to get up and walk towards the island.  You are barefoot, but you don’t mind.  You like the feel of the find sand on your feet and on your toes. They tickle you a little bit, but you’re okay with that. Sand walking massages your feet in an all natural way. You feel like you’re at the most luxurious SPA there is!

Be aware of how solid the ground is beneath you, even when you feel your feet leaving footprints on the sand. Be conscious of the feeling of stability that the earth brings you and continue walking.

Smell.  As you keep on walking, you become aware of a sweet, fragrant smell coming from the woods that stand right before you.

You decided to follow the sweet scent and you make your way through the thicket and undergrowth, until you find yourself in a clearing.  In the middle, is a small patch of rose bushes.

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