7 Elegant Ways to Perfume Yourself Differently

It’s no secret that the perfume industry is changing. More than ever, brands are wondering about new tracks, new textures and new gestures … and the least we can say is that there are beautiful ideas and innovative products. Concrete, pens, oils, creams … these new gestures without « pschitt » are all good and will revolutionize your perfume on a daily basis. A little overview, what do you think? Discover with us 7 Elegant Ways to Perfume Yourself Differently:


I love scented moisturizers that moisturize and perfume the body at the same time. The big +? They exalt the fragrance. My favorite is undeniably the Over The Musk Mugler Cream which is superimposed on all fragrances. By the way, did you know that perfumes hold much better and longer on hydrated skin?

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