7 reasons why a ‘light’ product is worse than a normal one

7 – Light products

It has been a long time since we began to invade the fashion of light products. According to the regulations, these products have at least 30% fewer calories than their conventional equivalent. In practice, this usually translates into the elimination of a certain percentage of fat, so these foods are usually taken for weight control and other conditions in which it is recommended to reduce fat consumption.

Thus, light products have been associated with a healthy lifestyle, as if eating a skimmed yogurt would cure us of all ills. Not so, of course. Although low-fat products are not necessarily bad for your health, they are by no means the panacea that some claim and, in fact, there are a number of good reasons why light products are worse than normal. Starting with taste.

6 – The taste

Fat ‘conveys’ flavour, that’s why we put oil in salads and that’s why light products are so tasteless. To compensate, manufacturers add sugar, salt or sweeteners. None of these three things, in excess, is good for your health.

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