Discover all your senses by going through an easy guided meditation

If you want to be changing the world and maybe impress/help other people, you must first impress/help yourself. In order to achieve it, you must become a master of self-care. The master of self-care!

Mindfulness is the heart of the practice of meditation. This is the act of consciously bringing your awareness to the present moment without judgment and attachment.  When you are mindful, you are going through each moment with a heightened awareness of your surroundings, thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.  Using your five senses, together with your breath, to bring awareness to the present moment, is one of the easiest ways to achieve a mindful state. There are no mantras to chant or difficult postures to perform. Of course, you can always explore them later, down the road. Meditation is a life-long study.

Meditating using your five senses it the most literal way to direct your consciousness to the present moment. It can effortlessly bring you to a relaxed state. Once you find yourself in a relaxed state, you can gently and easily quiet your mind. A quiet and still mind allows you listen to the callings of your heart, soul and the Universe. It can propel you to a higher level of consciousness and awareness that is shared with the Divine.

Discover all your senses by going through this simple and easy guided meditation:

Let us begin by finding a comfortable seating position.  You can sit on a half or full lotus position, if you are familiar with the pose, or you can simply cross your legs. We are not looking for a perfect asana or posture here. What matters is that you are comfortable.

Lift the crown of your head towards the heavens while grounding your sit bone to the earth. Feel your spine lengthening. Your neck is soft and long. Feel proud of yourself, you are taking one of the most important steps on your spiritual journey. You are discovering yourself. Feeling, looking and being proud is not wrong, you deserve it.

Find openness in your chest. Feel your lungs expanding. Feel the rush of the air going through your nostrils.  Breathe in through the nose and exhale through your nose. Find a rhythm as you feel the air going in and out of your body.  Let it caress you like gentle waves in the ocean rocking you gently.  Simply observe without judgment how your breath goes back and forth until you feel your muscles begin to relax. Unclench your jaw. It’s unbelievable how much tension can accumulate there and in your throat chakra. Relax your face and your eyelids.  Relax the soles of your feet. Let you body find rest in the gentle lull of your breath. Squeeze your eyebrows a few times to get rid of tension; it’s like a gentle self-massage. Using all your fingers, massage your forehead – again, we tend to accumulate way too much tension than we can handle.

Now that you are relaxed, we will begin our journey to discover your senses.

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