Essential Oils for your Home Spa

While the descriptions of some oils may sound tempting or like something that your body and mind may need, a more intuitive approach is to smell the oils and choose the fragrance that you like most. Normally we are attracted to oils that produce results that are to us, and very often intuition can be more helpful than scientific information.

Picea Mariana-Black Spruce Essential Oil says:

Hi, my name is Black Spruce Essential Oil. The plant I am made of is native to Canada, and my mission is to eliminate muscular pain and to cheer you up as well! I smell delicious and would be very happy if you could include me in your blends.

For the Body:

– It is great in blends for sinusitis and colds, acne, sore muscles, rheumatic pains, physical fatigue, and tension.

For the Mind & Emotions:

– It is a great mood stabilizer, and it can be both uplifting and sedating. Moreover, it is said to have some deep spiritual properties.  It stimulates the process of grounding. If you are studying or doing any kind if mental activity and need more focus and inspiration, then Black Spruce is the oil for you. It also removes energy blockages, which results in an emotional peace.

Satureja Montana- Savory Essential Oil says:

Hi, my name is Savory Essential Oil and I am here to motivate you and energize you with my Sharp, herbaceous aroma!

For the Body:

– It stimulates the immune system and gives physical vitality.

– It is used to alleviate arthritis, rheumatic pains and back problems.

– It is used to treat: acne, athlete’s foot and boil blends.

For the Mind & Emotions:

– It helps overcome disappointment.

– It encourages the feeling of unconditional love.

– It fights feelings of frustration.

Melaleuca Alternifolia- Tea Tree Oil says:

Hi, my name is Teatree Oil and my scent will make you feel like you are in the middle of the forest!

For the Body:

– It has some really strong antibacterial properties and is used to treat acne, spots, dandruff, oily skin, and oily scalp.

– It helps alleviate and prevent colds, coughs and sinusitis.

– It stimulates the lymphatic system and helps get rid of edemas. It also reduces water retention.

For the Mind & Emotions:

– It helps heal emotional wounds. – It purifies the mind from unpleasant thoughts.

Melaleuca Cajuputii- Cajuput Essential Oil says: 

Hi, my name is Cajuput Essential Oil and my mother plant is native to Australia. If you loved the smell of Tee Tree Oil then you will love mine as well. We both blend well together and are a perfect team to uplift your body & mind!

For the Body:

– Dandruff, oily scalp, pimples, herpes

– Colds, sinusitis and flu

For the Mind:

– Increases the feeling of here and now – Improves concentration, but also relaxes and soothes

Coriandrum Sativum- Coriander Essential Oil says:

Hi, my name is Coriander Essential Oil and you might have heard of me because my mother plant is very famous in Indian cuisine. If you suffer from insomnia, I can definitely help you achieve deep, rejuvenating sleep. I also have many other properties!

For the Body:

– Helps treat arthritis, colds, flu, migraine, muscular aches, nausea, neuralgia, rheumatism, skin (oily), muscle stiffness.

For the Mind & Emotions:

– Helps overcome addictions and overeating

– Helps achieve deep relaxation and prevents excessive worrying

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