Health Spa: Body & Mind

If you think that this article is about some highly restrictive detox diet based only on juicing, have no fear: it’s not. The approach that we decided to apply is based on some general guidelines to get you introduced to a healthy, balanced alkaline diet based on organic products, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and integral cereals.

We are not saying that we are not fan of juicing and other cleansing programs. We love them, but these programs can be too restrictive for some people, especially if you are doing the cleanse on your own. Moreover, before starting on of the cleansing program, if it is restricted to juicing, it is advisable to contact a specialist or a naturopathy doctor so that they can design a program especially for you.

The purpose is to make you feel energized when you wake up on Monday: a weekend daily Spa at home with your aromatherapy treatments and holistic relaxation should be accompanied by a natural diet so that you can rejuvenate. Feel free to create your own program based on the guidelines and suggestions that you find in other treatment books. We hope that you will fall in love with healthy living and make it a part of your lifestyle. If you are pregnant, lactating, anaemic, have any serious medical conditions, or are on medication, don’t get started on this program until you have consulted with a medical doctor.


– To create your daily health spa at home, make sure that you choose a weekend or some other dates when you are not working and won’t be disturbed

– Plan lots of time for relaxation as well as sleep. Some people see sleeping as a waste of time because our Western world and mentality have programmed us for active-living and the pursuit of success. As much as we love working on our goals, we also make sure that we create our health home spa regularly and just relax.

Many life coaches and success coaches emphasize the importance of maintaining excellent health. Most of them prioritize it before financial or social success. Without good health one cannot travel, pursue a career, or enjoy a great relationship. Restore health and balance with a regular home spa ritual. Get ready with a few before-you-get-started tips:

– As much as you can, switch off your mobile, PC, and TV, and avoid Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Make sure that you get equipped with some good reads. Just choose whatever you like to read to totally disconnect your mind. An aromatherapy bath accompanied by a good book has many body & mind benefits.  It will help you relax and slow down.

– If you have roommates or live with your family, let them know what you’re planning to do and invite them, too.

– Plan some activities like walking. (If you can get out of the city to soothe your mind, your body will get energized immediately.)

– Prepare some relaxation music or some kind of music that puts you in a good mood.

– Before starting your weekend health spa, make sure that you go shopping for organic food. Fill your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards with fresh fruits and vegetables, integral cereals like millet, algae, amaranth, cuscus, nuts, legumes and herbal infusions.

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