Holistic Beauty Treatments

Before you get started on a facial self-massage it is important that you know your skin type, as this knowledge will help you to select the proper oils and personalize the treatment. Most women probably know their skin type and know which category they fall into, but for men it can be a tricky task. Very often our skin is also prone to hormonal changes that occur with age, so it is important to take more care of it as we get older.   Let’s have a look at different skin types:

–  Oily Skin is very common in teenagers and at menstruation. It is advisable for those with oily skin to drink lots of water and fresh, organic juices and reduce over consumption of sugar and salt so as not to stimulate the sebaceous glands. The essential oils recommended for oily skins are: verbena, palmarosa, bergamot, lavender, and geranium, which adapts to different skin types and can also be used for dry or mixed skin. You can add them to a natural cream or a natural face mask as well as aloe vera gel, which has a light consistency but is also extremely hydrating. Occasionally, you can also use vegetable oils to dilute the essential oils. Though many beauticians would object to it, the oily skin actually needs to get properly hydrated and a weekly massage with oils such as evening primrose oil or grape seed oil enriched by the above mentioned essential oils can regulate sebum secretion. Natural ingredients used for oily skin masks include: cucumber, lemon, oats, green clay, strawberries, bananas and apples. You can create your own masks choosing your favorite ingredients and adding your favorite essential oils to make them more personalized.

Dry Skin – Dry skin is normally prone to premature aging, so it must be treated with natural oils and creams that moisturize it. A person with dry skin should also drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine. Many women who go through menopause, pregnancy or menstruation suffer from dry skin, and men who undergo hormonal changes may experience drying up of the skin as well. Certain conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis can be blamed on extremely dry skin as well. Essential oils for dry skin include: ylang-ylang, Peru balsam, German and Roma chamomile and palmarosa. You should use some highly hydrating natural creams or oils as a base: argan oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil or apricot kennels are really good choices. Shea butter and jojoba oil (or jojoba wax) will also help re-hydrate.

Mature Skin -Mature skin tends to lose moisture more rapidly, so it should be treated with the same care as dry skin. When doing a facial massage it is generally recommended not to use too much pressure and to work within its limit of slightly reduced elasticity. Mature skin is normally thinner and has more wrinkles, which some people worry about, whereas it should be perceived more as a valuable richness of life experience and wisdom. You can use jasmine, sweet fennel and rosewood essential oils. You may want to substitute your night cream for vegetable oils enriched with essential oils with hydrating properties. Moroccan argan oil is said to maintain an eternal youth, and many natural products for mature skin include it as a main ingredient. Argan oil is also a great natural hair conditioner. Other vegetable oils recommended are castor oil and jojoba oil.