How to Treat Sensitive Skin

This type of skin reddens easily when touched and when treated with many too many creams and lotions. Sometimes it can take years to find the proper care for sensitive skin, and each case can be different. The safest essential oils to use include German and Roman chamomile diluted in a natural, gentle cream or vegetable oils such as avocado oil or argan oil (some skins may redden though). Aloe vera gel or cream is also a good base to dilute your chosen essential oils.  – Combination Skin – Taking proper care of this type of skin can be more time consuming if you want to do it in a natural way because it is a combination of dry, oily and even sensitive, along with normal skin type. The ‘T’ zone (forehead, nose and chin) tends to be the oily area. Some areas, normally the cheeks, can be very sensitive. You can use essential oils like geranium or palmarosa as they tend to adapt to different skin types and regulate sebum secretion. As a base, use a natural cream or aloe vera gel, and if you need to hydrate the oily parts, use vegetable oils instead. Treat the oily areas with a green clay mask twice a week and make sure you always remove your makeup and clean your skin with natural, organic products. Following the  general guidelines will give you some ideas and inspiration for some blends that you can prepare for your facial massage. The technique described will work not only for your skin but also for your mind, stimulating relaxation and eliminating stress. This is why it can be described as a Holistic Beauty Treatment.

– Apply gentle but firm pressure to the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. This point is called the Third Eye in Ayurvedic Medicine. Then work the eyebrows, simply applying the pressure on the points following the eyebrows line and stopping on the point where the eyebrows finish. Press it using the same technique and then work the temple areas. Applying pressure there can bring relief if you suffer from sinusitis.

– From the temples, start moving up following the hairline. According to Chinese acupressure, working on the hairline is an inseparable part of a face or head massage as it brings focus, concentration and calms nerves at the same time.

When your two hands meet in the centre of the hairline, you can also apply the pressure to your scalp following the middle line. Get back to the hairline using the same path and move down to the third eye again and apply pressure.

– After working the third eye, apply pressure under the eyes in line with the pupils and hold for 10- 15 seconds. From there, move your hands down and work the corners of the mouth. There are pressure points approximately 1 inch away from the corners of the mouth.

– Gently rub the earlobes.

Going through the steps described above will bring feelings of relaxation and focus. Moreover, you can always skip the oils part and simply do the pressure points part, which is a great solution if you are at work or have limited time. If you do it on someone else, they will almost certainly ask you to do it again!