Mindfulness Exercises

Those exercises will show you some basic relaxation techniques that, when blended with aromatherapy and the tranquility of your home spa, will result in the ultimate wellness experience. The exercises described are a combination of relaxation techniques and reiki and are based on the concept of mindfulness and subtle energy. How many times have you felt that someone was looking at you even though you had your back turned to them? You could intuitively feel that they were staring at you. Why do you feel good in certain environments whereas at the same time the appearance of certain individuals may simply spoil the atmosphere and bring in some ‘bad’ energy?  Some people are more sensitive than others, and so is their intuition. Regular meditation or relaxation in a mindful way can increase one’s intuition and awareness. If performed on a regular basis and mastered, it can also bring many other benefits, such as detoxifying the system, helping the individual to gain more intuition and focus, controlling the person’s emotions, and stimulating the immune system. The following relaxation techniques can be safely practiced by anyone to increase mindfulness:

– Hold your hands out in front of you. Your palms should be facing each other but not touching at all. Allow your hands to close very slowly. Concentrate on your breath. Breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly. Choose your own rhythm and bring all your attention to your hands, let them move away and bring them back close, but make sure that they are not touching each other. After several repetitions you may start experiencing the sensation of warmth between your hands and this sensation may be spreading on to your body. This is what many therapists and reiki practitioners call healing energy. If you don’t feel anything, don’t worry about it but focus on your breathing and imagine a big ball of energy, like the Sun, between your hands.

– Slowly move the ball of energy up and place it on your head. Put your hands on your head, relax, keep breathing and imagine the cascading energies of light that enter your body through your head and spread into all directions. You may want to concentrate on the areas that are in pain, or even on certain emotions that need healing.

– Finally stroke your face, arms, legs and the whole body, and to finish, shake your hands off, imagining the dust that is leaving your body so that the healing can occur.

Try this go-back-in-time technique and use all of your senses to experience a magical sense of relaxation and well being. You found it very interesting that most of the people choose to go back to this method as the best spa!

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