Most Used Essential Oils for your Wellbeing

The following list of some of the favorite essential oils will help you create highly personalized blends for you and your loved ones.

Cupressus Sempervirens var. Stricta- Cypress Leaf Provence Essential Oil says:

Hi, my name is Cypress Leaf Provence Essential Oil. My mother plant is native to Asia and I am here to relax your nervous system with my fresh scent. I have many properties, so make sure you include me in your blends:

For the Body:

– Reduces cellulite, edema, water retention

– Mitigates toxin accumulation

– Treats coughs and colds

For the Mind and Emotions:

– Alleviates anger and hurt feelings

– Helps with insomnia and anxiety

Artemisia Dracunculus- Tarragon Essential Oil says:

Hi, my name is Tarragon Essential Oil. My mother plant has some very strong antioxidant properties, and I am here to increase your energy levels and protect you from illnesses. Check my properties and include me in your blends!

For the Body:

– Reduces physical fatigue

– Mitigates toxin accumulation

– Treats nausea and headaches

– Alleviates muscular pain

– Sooths menstrual cramps

– Improves digestion

For the Mind & Emotions:

– Helps people move on with personal and professional changes

– Helps people recover emotionally after crises and other difficult situations

Gaultheria Procumbens- Wintergreen Essential Oil says:

Hi, my name is Wintergreen Essential Oil and I am also called a natural painkiller. You can use me for a range of blends for your body & mind: For the Body: – Natural anti-inflammatory properties can bring relief for sore muscles, backache, arthritis, colds, headaches, edema, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, sprains, varicose veins and inflammation

For the Mind & Emotions:

– Increases intuition

– Great for meditation

Cedrelopsis Grevei- Katrafay Essential Oil says:

Hi, my name is Katrafay Essential Oil and my mother plant is native to Madagascar. Just like Wintergreen Essential Oil, I am a natural painkiller because of my anti-inflammatory properties. I hope to get invited to your home Spa, too!

For the Body:

– Reduces cellulite and strae

– Alleviates rheumatic pains, tendinitis, arthritis

– Treats edema, varicose veins, slow circulation

– Soothes migraines and headaches

For the Mind & Emotions:

– Soothes chaotic mind

– Helps fight insomnia

– Helps people accept the truth and move forward

Citrus Sinesis- Sweet Orange Essential Oil says:

Hi, my name is Sweet Orange Essential Oil and my sweet, citric aroma will give you all the energy you need while relaxing you at the same time. Does it seem too contradictory? Include me in your blends and find out for yourself.

For the Body:

– Eases digestive problems

– Helps boost the lymphatic system and immune system

– Reduces toxin accumulation

For the Mind & Emotions:

– Treats insomnia and anxiety

– Alleviates nervous tension evoked by bad news

– Calms a hyperactive mind

– Helps people handle sorrow and frustration

Now that you have learned the body & mind benefits that different oils offer, and you know how to blend the oils and keep the general precautions in mind, you can use your imagination and intuition and make your own blends. Enjoy!

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