Technique of using all your senses to imagine that you are a tree make a massage

-Take in a deep breath and close your eyes, slowly exhale and relax.

– Imagine that your feet are in soil or compost or the warm sand on a beach. Use all your senses to actually feel it.

– Imagine that your toes are roots and they are going deeper and deeper into the soil. This technique is you grounding yourself and is very often used by massage and holistic therapists so that they can enhance their focus and work effectively

– Take your time and don’t rush it. With your hands in the prayer position, or a reverent position that feels right to you, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

-Exhale slowly and imagine that a bright white light is entering you from the top of your head. Feel, sense or see the light flowing through your body. You may feel a sense of calmness and relaxation now. If so, just allows it to happen. Take your time doing these exercises. There is no need to rush it. Just relax and enjoy the feelings going through you.

If you are intrigued by these exercises and would like to learn more, we recommend that you do reiki initiation with a local reiki master, as this will give you some extremely powerful tools to develop more relaxation techniques to increase wellbeing and healing.

If you feel sceptical about the exercise we described, you may wish to try this simple five senses meditation:

– Sit comfortably and breathe in deeply. When you are ready, try to evoke a place or an image from your childhood that you really loved and that brings positive memories and associations. We will give you an example of how we do it so that you can adjust it and make it work for you:

– You imagine a kitchen at your grandma’s place. First of all, you focus on the colors and all the visual sensations, anything that you can remember. You just scan the walls, the drawers, the cooker, even the calendar on the wall. You then go to the window and have a look at the city. You can see the sky, the trees, the cars, the people, the trams, and even the snow on the sidewalk. you take your time to enjoy the view.

– You then start smelling the dinner and the wonderful cake and other fragrances that you associate with being taken care of and stress-free. You open the fridge and all the cupboards and take different foods and items from there and smell them: the coffee, the herbs, the spices. You take all the fruits and smell them.

– Then you focus on the sounds around you: the sounds from the streets, your grandma and your grandpa talking, the TV, the boiling water, even the birds singing.

– You then start tasting the delicious pancakes that your grandma prepared for you. You eat them slowly and analyze the taste of each and every ingredient. You taste the juice and other things that were prepared especially for you.

– Now it’s time to experience the sensation of touch…You go to the bedroom and decide to have a nap. You fall on the bed and can feel the softness of the mattress, the cushions and the blanket. You keep breathing and relaxing. Finally, you close your eyes and focus on the wonderful smell of lavanda.

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