The Power of Meditation

The flowers are in full bloom and you find yourself filling your lungs with their sweet smelling scent.

The fragrance of the roses fills your soul with renewed vigor. You feel rejuvenated and invigorated after swimming for so long in the ocean.

You go from one flower to another, gently smelling them. You are in no rush because you know that you can always go back to them. The roses are like a gift of life. They renew your spirit and ask for nothing in return.

Taste.  While you continue to explore the small garden you found in the middle of the clearing, you begin to feel hunger from swimming and walking for so long.  Your hunger pulls you away from the roses and towards the small cottage at the edge of the clearing. You are able to allow yourself to easily leave the roses behind because you know that their sweet fragrance will last forever in your soul. You will never forget them. Your soul will always remind you of their sweet and aromatic smell whenever you need to rejuvenate.

You walk towards the cabin until you reach the front door. You slowly open the door and you are greeted by the most delectable aroma of food. There is soup boiling on the stove on the far corner of the cabin. The long table in the middle is laden with different kinds of healing foods. Before you is a feast fit for a king and queen…

You slowly make your way towards the table. You sit and start eating. You are mindful of each bite you take. You enjoy eating tropical fruits and other natural treats from Mother Earth. You see to it that you are eating slowly, enjoying and savoring each scrumptious meal. You are careful not to stuff your mouth with different kinds of food all at the same time. You allow yourself to take one bite at a time.  You chew the food thoroughly until it begins to melt in your mouth. You take pleasure in every bite you take. The next bite is always more scrumptious than the last one. You do this with the other food on the table, until you find yourself full and sated.

After your meal, you look around you and see the bedroom. You walk towards it and gently open the door. Inside is a huge bed with soft pillows and warm blankets. You lie on it and rest.

You are nourished, rejuvenated, warm and safe. You let your head fall gently on the pillow made of feathers and, slowly, you close your eyes.

Your journey has ended. You rest your body, knowing tomorrow will be another adventure.  You will receive new gifts, you will witness new sights, you will taste more delectable food, you will gain new experiences and life will be much richer. But for now, you rest and allow yourself to relish in the triumphs of today…

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