The Power of Natural Beauty Treatments

How do you normally feel after long hours of computer work or when you get a headache? You probably intuitively rub your temples, touch your neck or ask someone to press your shoulders. The feeling of relaxation brings immediate relief. What if you could actually combine beauty treatments with body and mind relaxation? Wouldn’t it be also a great way to safe some time, too? Unfortunately, most of us Westerners limit beauty treatments to a simple cosmetic routine and look for relaxation elsewhere. The standard chemical beauty products and beauty treatments may be able to mask the problem in the short-term, but that they offer no benefits for the mind and can be detrimental to one’s health and the environment in the long run. There is a big seller’s market for all kinds of products like anti-wrinkle creams that claim to make you look ten years younger, and those companies make tons of money. The approach that we suggest is less expensive and much more holistic. To begin with:

– Have a look at your diet.  Reduce the amount of toxins (smoking, drinking, processed foods), add more fresh and organically grown fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water.

– Try to get away from the city at least once a week and disconnect your mobile devices.

– Do more exercise whenever you can. Walk or cycle instead of driving when possible.

– Try to perform a regular face massage using natural oils according to your skin type. The benefits of facial massage are very often overlooked and many people think that it is a procedure that is strictly restricted to women. Of course, the ladies tend to take care more of our skin than men, but regular facial massage is a great natural treatment for everyone.

What does facial massage do for those who employ them?

– Fights and prevents migraines and headaches;

– Enhances a person’s mood;

– Helps alleviate insomnia and anxiety;

– Can help fight off colds and bring immediate relief for sinusitis victims.

– Increases focus and concentration.

You have probably realized that very often our emotional and physical strains are reflected in our facials expressions. It is not only about wrinkles, though. Certain uncontrolled emotional states that show themselves on the face turn into chronic tension that may result in migraines and headaches. The frontalis muscle that covers the forehead can easily accumulate stress and emotional tension. The muscle gets tense, and then spread the tension and pain on to the temporalis muscle (temple area).  This can result in a bad migraine and low energy levels. I hope that now you feel intrigued and ready to get started on your facial massage routine. If you tend to suffer from migraines, whenever you feel that a headache is starting to kick in, massage your forehead energetically and then move to the temples area. Remember to always wash your face before a facial massage. It collects grime from the environment, makeup, and physical activity during the day. This grime should be removed with a gentle, natural cleaner. You can prepare many natural skin tonics using herbal infusions, e.g. rosemary infusion, green tea, chamomile, mint, aloe vera juice, and mineral water with a few drops of lemon juice. You can prepare your favorite infusion to drink and at the same time use a certain amount to refresh your skin. In order to remove makeup, try natural vegetable oils, such as grape seed oil or sweet almond oil. This will give you a great natural alternative to chemical makeup removers and lotions that may be occupying way too much space in your bathroom cupboard. Moreover, you can use vegetable oils as a body lotion, hair conditioner and body massage as well as for aromatherapy blends. Your skin will really appreciate it if you give it a break and switch to natural solutions. Healthy skin that looks great doesn’t require wearing a lot of heavy makeup. I am not saying that you can’t use makeup, but it feels great to have the freedom to use it more as an occasional choice rather than a necessity. Naturally healthy and radiant skin is definitely a sign of overall health and vitality. It may take more work to achieve it, but it is definitely worth it.

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